Cookbooks are in my DNA…my grandmother collected cookbooks, my father collected cookbooks, I collect cookbooks … my husband and son even write cookbooks!  SO what better way to share our family’s cookbook passion than to blog with you!

I’m excited to write about the cookbooks I love.  Many of the cookbooks I’ll be posting are new, some are positively ancient.  Most are available for purchase on line, some can be found at the library, some are so old that I will be sharing select recipes with you here as my archives may be the only place they can be found today.

My cookbook “palette” is expansive – I love ethnic foods, feeding a crowd, brunch, holiday and festive occasion menus, regional dishes, quick-n-easies, weekend sleeve-roller-uppers, healthy and clean meals, almost-homemade and MORE! I especially like the challenge of finding recipes that meet the needs of folks with special diets – gluten free, dairy free, vegan, you name it!

I hope all you cookbook collectors out there will join the fun and share your faves too!

But, even if you are not a cookbook collector, this blog is still for you.  My grandmother always said, “if you can read, you can cook.”  So take a look and if you see something you like… give it a try.

I’m ready to meet and mingle… you? Take a look at my reviews and recipes!! Let me know what you think!