This incredibly comprehensive cookbook will be happily welcomed by any new bride and groom!  Its 1500 recipes and more than 1000 wonderful photographs make the 11th edition of this iconic cookbook truly the best ever.  It is a classic that has been transformed into a contemporary must-have!

There is a beautiful introductory section that includes “Our First Kitchen,” “Easy Entertaining,” and “Cooking Together.” There are tips for how to organize a kitchen, quick meal ideas, instructions for decorating with flowers, menu suggestions (such as “Our First Thanksgiving,” “Saturday Brunch,” and “A Taste of Italy”), community gardening resources and farm-to-table recipes.

Next follow 22 Chapters of recipes covering everything imaginable – from appetizers and beverages, to breakfast and brunch, to grilling and smoking, to cakes, pies and tarts!  There is a chapter called “20 minutes or less” that busy, beginning cooks will like and there is a whole chapter devoted to vegetarians.  In all, there are 684 pages in this book, including a 44 page index!  The index has a unique feature – certain recipes are noted as “fast” or “lower calorie” which can make recipe selection easier. There is also the traditional Betty Crocker “Helpful Nutrition and Cooking Information” section that we have all relied on over the years. This is truly an encyclopedia of all things cooking, giving a book originally written in 1950 a fresh and fabulous 2011 facelift..

The first chapter, entitled “Getting Started” is 36 pages long and lists, describes and illustrates all the equipment, ingredients, cooking terms, appliances, and health and nutrition factors a newly married couple will need.  In fact, while The Newlywed Edition will make a lovely wedding gift, this chapter makes it an even better engagement gift because it identifies the essentials for a complete wedding registry! There are even lessons in cutting, measuring, basting, blanching, broiling, coring, crushing, drizzling, and microwaving techniques.

Some of the recipes I enjoyed making (and eating!) include Baked Oatmeal, Spiced Ginger Preserves, Blue Cheese and Apple Tartlets, Jicama Salad with Jalapeno Cream Dressing, Butternut Squash Ravioli and Croissant Bread Pudding.  None of these recipes appeared in my mother’s version of this book – having been married in 1953, I think she probably had Edition #1.

Today’s bride and groom will welcome all the updates and contemporary ideas found in this timeless cookbook!  And they will appreciate you for such a useful yet special wedding (or engagement) gift. It is a very affordable $21.79 on Amazon.  Here’s to the Newlyweds!!







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