AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN COOKBOOK – my favorite cookbook of 2016 (so far)!



This cookbook is an amazing collection of recipes featured on the hit TV show, America’s Test Kitchen, over all of its 16 seasons!  What I love best about the book is that it is “scientific.”  The recipes have been tested, tested and retested by dozens of culinary experts so that a home cook’s success is sure!  I’ve been told that ATK invests over $10,000 per recipe to “get it just right!” Besides the basics – like ingredients and preparation procedures –  there are loads of “tips and techniques,” “why this works” explanations, shopping guides, and FABULOUS photos.

The book is 710 pages in length and has 25 chapters – “Soup’s On,” “Salad Days,” “Easy Skillet Suppers,” “One Pot Dinners,” “Simply Chicken,” “Talking Turkey And All The Trimmings,” “We’ll Have The Steak,” “Pork Chops Every Day,” “Roasts And More,” “Favorite Ways With Fish,” “Dinner At The Diner,” “Who Wants Pasta?” “Bringing Home Italian Favorites,” “The Flair of the French,” “Tex Mex Tonight,” “Let’s Do Take Out,” “It’s Grill Time,” “Sides of Plenty,” “Come For Brunch,” “Please Pass The Bread,” “Cookie Jar Favorites,” “A Piece of Cake,” “Puddings and Souffles,” “Classic Fruit Desserts,” and “Keep Your Fork – There’s Pie!”


Want to learn how to shred cabbage? Debone a short rib? Stuff a pork chop? Wrap a potsticker? Trim an asparagus spear? Assemble a strudel? Excellent instructions and photographs abound!

My birthday was this month, so was my dad’s.  When I was a little girl, my grandmother would always make the two of us our very, very favorite meal. The ATK Cookbook has recipes for almost all of the special dishes she would prepare for us – Charcoal Grilled Rack of Lamb, Crispy Roasted Potatoes, and Coconut Layer cake!  I’m going to post these for you under My Favorite Recipes.   Missing is Gram’s creamed spinach and pineapple and baby shrimp salad with sour cream dressing.  I will find those elsewhere and share them with you later!

In the meantime, snag a copy of AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN: THE COMPLETE TV SHOW COOKBOOK. It is available new and used on Amazon and “borrowable” at your local library. In addition to buying one for yourself, a copy of this helpful book would be a great gift for the newly weds in your life … and afterall the wedding season is upon us!

Do you already own the book?  If so, what are your favorite recipes?

By the way, if you have never watched ATK, add it to your to-do list.  It is the most-watched cooking show on public television… very entertaining, very instructive, and very inspiring.  It is filmed in Boston in an unbelieveably cool test kitchen!!  The show features an impressive cast of chefs, food testers, scientists, gaget-geeks, platers, and others.  You can watch the show live or catch one of the many reruns on your local PBS station. Plus, lots of episodes and “short subject videos” are available on YouTube.

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  1. Argie – I enjoyed your post! Was that your favorite birthday meal? Garlic roasted leg of lamb, roasted potatoes, and coconut layer cake, Gram’s creamed spinach, and pineapple and baby shrimp salad with sour cream dressing. That sounds like a great “First of Spring” menu. I love leg of lamb too. We always had it grilled on the rotisseree and served with Apple Mint jelly. That Baby Shrimp Salad sounds delicious. Yum!

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